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Capture a Wrestling Season Worth Being Remembered

Wrestling is a physically-demanding sport full of impressive athletic feats involving physical strength, speed, and technical skill. Your school’s dedicated athletes have undergone rigorous training and intense practice schedules to prepare for their upcoming wrestling meets and tournaments. Do you have a professional photographer to capture their action-packed matches?

Sports are an important part of the high school experience. Using a professional photographer to capture competitions and those incredible displays of athleticism is the best way to preserve the memory for a lifetime. If you are a high school that needs professional images of your student wrestling team for website publication or yearbook purposes, Epic’s Artwork & Photo has you covered.

We Can Shoot Unpredictable Action

Wrestling is an incredibly unique sport unlike any other. It often oscillates between explosive action and slow, locked-up movements. There are no clear cues that indicate what action should come next, unlike other sports. One moment the two wrestlers are slowly circling each other and then, in the blink of an eye, a spectacular takedown has occurred.

Once a wrestling match starts, it can be a guessing game of sorts. With unpredictable, explosive action, you need professionals well-versed in live action sport photography. Epic Artwork & Photo has extensive professional experience in live-action sport photography and maintains high concentration levels to capture those dramatic takedowns, escapes, holds, pins, and more.

We Anticipate Action

We are proactive, not reactive. If you are reacting to the match’s action, you have already missed the shot. We know the rhythm of wrestling and the signs to look for when action is about to take place. You will be able to sit back and enjoy the performance while we focus on capturing it.

We Capture Emotion and Tell a Story

We know photographing your wrestling match is not only about capturing those exciting, action-filled moments—it’s also about capturing your athletes’ facial expressions and conveying the emotional atmosphere of the match. For example, capturing an athlete’s straining muscles and a gritted face can help tell the story of an intense, hard-won match. We will get the shots that capture the highs and lows, the struggle and triumph, and a competition’s atmosphere from beginning to end.

We Capture Quality Images

Live action photography is difficult to begin with, but it becomes even trickier with sport events. Why? Sports like wrestling move incredibly fast—you have to have the equipment to keep up! Ever wonder why your images turn out blurry? That’s because the faster your subject is moving, the faster your shutter speed should be. We use fast shutter speeds and high quality equipment to freeze action and capture those “blink-of-an-eye” moments. In addition, these fast shutter speeds often help capture cleaner images in poorly-lit environments, such as school gyms.

As a professional photography team, we focus on capturing quality images. Here are some principles that guide us when we photograph sports events.

Focus: Our images are in sharp focus.

Face: You can see the athlete’s facial expression and eyes conveying an emotion.

Action: An act of athleticism or emotional moment is taking place.

Equipment: The athlete is holding or interacting with a piece of equipment (the football, soccer ball, etc.).

Overshoot: You can never shoot too many images, but you can shoot too few! We make sure to capture an overabundance of images, so you have plenty of shots to choose from.

We Stay Out of the Way

We will be on the sidelines getting the shots fans can’t get from the stands, but we will do so without interfering with the officials or distracting the athletes.

Professionalism is at the center of our services. As photographers, we know our presence at a sports event or competition is a privilege. We aim to be as unobtrusive and discreet as possible while still getting the shots that matter. We respect the officials, judges, coaches, athletes, staff, and audience at all times. We’ll get the action-packed moments you want without disturbing any aspects of the performance.

Having a professional photography team shoot your wrestling team’s competitions and individual bouts will preserve the memory of their hard work and make the greatest keep sake for a lifetime.

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The Epic Artwork Story

Epic Artwork & Photo all started in 2005 when Andrew Bourne was deployed to Iraq at the Syrian border. He needed a camera for intelligence reasons, so his wife Karen sent him a digital camera. He also photographed the life of the Iraqi people around him. After he returned to the states in 2006 and Karen had a chance to finally view all the images that he took, she realized that Andrew had captured beautiful and harrowing images that later earned him a gallery show.

While in Iraq, Andrew suffered a traumatic brain injury. When he was finally diagnosed in 2008, he was told he needed a hobby to help rework the neurons in his brain, so when he brought up doing live event photography to Karen, she encouraged him to do so. Not only was live event photography a tangible exercise in therapeutic mindfulness, but it also engaged the brain and encouraged the development of neuroplasticity.

Andrew and Karen Bourne are a traveling photography duo with incredible experience and passion. Check out Epic Artwork and Photo’s portfolio here to explore their live event photography and the images Andrew captured in Iraq.

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