Get To Know Us

Andrew and Karen Bourne are a husband and wife traveling photography duo currently residing in Binghamton, NY, with incredible experience and passion.  They specialize in live action events:  Rock n’ Roll, Aviation, Dance, Sports, and Tattoo conventions just to name a few.  Andrew’s favorite to photograph is Rock n’ Roll.  Karen personally specializes in Fine Art Photography sessions whenever she gets the chance.  They are willing to shoot anyone, anywhere…

Epic Artwork & Photo all started in 2005 when Andrew was deployed to Iraq at the Syrian border.  He needed a camera for intelligence reasons, so Karen sent him a digital camera.  He also photographed the life of the Iraqi people around him.  After he returned to the states in 2006 and Karen had a chance to finally view all the images that he took, she realized that Andrew had captured beautiful and harrowing images that later earned him a gallery show.  While in Iraq, Andrew suffered a traumatic brain injury.  When he was finally diagnosed in 2008, he was told he needed a hobby to help rework the neurons in his brain, so when he brought up doing live event photography to Karen, she encouraged him to do so.

Andrew is a retired United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant who has had multiple combat deployments throughout his career.  They are a military family with great love for America and for traveling.